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Other Activities

British Cemetery in Madrid

In Madrid, although many are unaware of this fact, there is a British cemetery. Its peaceful garden and monuments create an environment with a certain charm where you can remember friends and family, or simply sit and reminisce.

It was founded in 1854 and is owned by the British government. It is to be found in the Madrid neighbourhood of Carabanchel, in calle Comandante Fontanes 7, Madrid-28019.

It was primarily intended as a burial place for non-Catholics, although over time it has become a resting place for people of various faiths, including Catholicism, Judaism and Islam. More than 1000 souls of a wide range of nationalities rest in the 600 tombs to be found there.

The maintenance of the cemetery is possible thanks to the generous support of some institutional benefators and also of a growing number of “friends of the cemetery” .

There is an active committee of volunteers that takes care of the different aspects of the day-to-day life of the cemetery. Some of these volunteers offer guided tours of the cemetery, in English or also in Spanish, for both the general public as well as for cultural and school groups.

More recently, and of special interest in these times of pandemic, audio guides can be offered to the public to accompany the visit to this emblematic place.


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